Chocolate Mousse Cake

This was borne out of a search for a low sugar content cake.  The addition of peanut butter, almonds and especially the Tahini give it a really distinctive flavour and add extra nutrients normally reserved for main courses, and not cakes and treats!  If you’re not familiar with Tahini it is pulped sesame seeds – […]

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Mindful Eating Experiment. How is it going?

I’m rather ashamed to admit it, but I was doing the following: eating whilst standing up in the kitchen – whilst  cooking or just being in the room eating in the car eating whilst walking around the house shoving things into my mouth too quickly forgetting what I’d eaten because of  grazing in between meals eating […]

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Mindful Eating – a brief introduction

Although Pilates, done properly, is inherently mindful, I stumbled upon the concept of mindfulness not via Pilates but as a self help method for combatting depression. What is mindfulness? A way of living,  a philosophy if you like, with elegant simplicity and immense practical value, for helping us to improve the quality of our lives.  It could be summarised thus:  “bringing ones complete […]

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