Cooking With Carob, Part Two: Carob Smoothies

carob smoothies in 3 glass tumblers

I’m still in Carob  culinary makeover mode and  so here is my recipe for Carob Smoothies. I’m trying to reclaim Carob from the culinary backwater where it resides – a little unwanted and unloved. Carob deserves to be more used and appreciated, but it has a strong flavour and colour and needs to be used sparingly.

These Smoothies are absolutely divine:  Creamy, highly nutritious, filling.  (And vegan).

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Cooking with Carob (part one)

Carob has had a bad rap over the last decade or so. It is now very unfashionable and associated with the extremes of wholefood zealotry. I think that the problem is this:  Carob is seen simply as a chocolate substitute.

The key to Carob however is that it should be appreciated in its own right. It is actually really nice!! Honestly….so I’m going to give Carob a culinary makeover.

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Vegetable Soup – Healthy, wholesome, hearty!

Sweets, biscuits, cake…..It’s January –  Who needs ’em! We need warming, delicious, real food. I really do think that making vegetable soup can kick start or revive the healthy eating habit.  These  soups are reassuringly easy to make, they taste great and the ingredients are easy to come by and affordable. There are loads of […]

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Homemade Fudge

Less of the low sugar shenanigans now: it’s time to start thinking about Christmas presents – the home made variety.  Just thinking for now, not making . The fudge will last, but only 2 to 3 weeks (and longer in the fridge ) so have it freshly made if possible.   Advantages of making your […]

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