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Alison Plant Fully Qualified Pilates Instructor in Leeds

Hello there. I have been teaching Pilates for nearly 16 years now and I’m still on a journey really – of finding out more about Pilates, watching it evolve and incorporating the latest thinking into my teaching. I’m also finding out more about my body – what it can do, what it apparently can’t do and how I might be able to change that!

I’ve carried on studying over the years and in particular I have qualified to teach Pilates on the Reformer. This year I’m completing two further qualifications: one is to enhance my teaching and the repertoire of interventions I can use with clients, especially but not entirely in 1:1 settings – I will be a qualified Intrinsic Biomechanics coach. In addition, I’m training on two further pieces of Pilates studio equipment: The Wunda Chair and the Spine Corrector. We have them both in the Studio.

If you want to read about where I was up to in Pilates, circa January 2017 click here to go to the blog post.

I have a few other strings to my Exercise Instructor bow – I teach aerobics, Circuit Training, Chair Based Exercise and I’m a Gym Instructor. The latter, I no longer teach in the gym but I do make use of all my Strength Training knowledge when teaching, particularly in 1:1 teaching but also in group classes.

I came to exercise relatively late – only setting foot in a gym when I was 31 and have done other stuff. I have a Science background and trained and worked as a Nurse before doing a long stint in Office Admin.

I have two kids, the odd hobby (like a garden with too many weeds), too many wrinkles, a mild case of Menopause and a long list of things to do when I retire.

Selected Qualifications

  • Pelvic floor Pilates
  • Alison Plant Biomechanics Coach
  • Polestar Pilates Leeds


Louise Lowery Pilates Instructor Leeds

Hello I’m Louise.

I’ve been practising Pilates since 2004 and qualified as a Level 3 Mat instructor in 2016. I’m a keen cyclist, and love to run and walk in the Yorkshire Dales. I’ve travelled the World and have been lucky enough to practise Pilates in New Zealand, Bali, Greece and closer to home, Brighton and Manchester. Backpacking gave me a host of wonderful experiences and memories along with a very sore back! I’ve practised Pilates to help me combat back pain and stay strong and flexible.

My main aim is to share the positive influences Pilates can have on your mind and body and demonstrate that Pilates is for everyone. I’m passionate about good posture, alignment and believe in the benefits of a strong and flexible spine and how this can benefit the rest of your body and the way you move.

See you on the mat!

Louise teaches Matwork and Back Care Classes.


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Cristina González Hortigüela

Pilates Leeds instructor - Cristina

All my life I have been involved with sports and dance. I began to train in rhythmic gymnastics when I was 6 years old, participating in competitions at the regional level with the team from my city. Later I started dancing in a ballet school and when I had to decide what to study at University, I chose what was most related to it and that was Sports Science at A Coruña University.

As part of my undergraduate studies I learnt about biomechanics, physiology and anatomy and these have been invaluable for my work as a Pilates Instructor. After university I returned to my study of dance and also Pilates. I found the Pilates technique was the ideal vehicle to use my knowledge from my dance background and my degree.

I certified in Pilates Mat in 2015 and in Reformer in 2016 and since then I have worked as a Pilates instructor. I believe in fluid and organic movement working with a sense of control and understanding of the body. It is my intention to convey a feeling of satisfaction from each exercise and to make it personal to the needs and abilities of each person.


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Kati Pilates Instructor Leeds

I’m Kati and I have been teaching Pilates for over 8 years now. I am an experienced Instructor who teaches classes, one to one tuition and Specialist pre and postnatal Pilates. I teach all ages and abilities from beginners right up to advanced participants.

I have taught a range of clients from people wanting to improve their core flexibility and strength, through to those needing a more rehab based approach when recovering from injuries or post surgery.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey to becoming stronger, leaner and pain-free !


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We are insured through Balens.

  • The one-to-one sessions have helped me to understand the mechanics behind my movement, so that I am more aware of my posture and able to correct it. Alison quickly identified my problem areas and has taken me through exercises which cater for my specific needs and lifestyle. I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in my walking and cycling. My back and my core are more stable.

    I feel fitter, healthier and more confident physically. Worth every penny.

    Sarah Hinman

  • I am so glad I found out about Alison’s classes. After the first few group classes, I needed to know more and treated myself to a course of the one to one sessions.

    It was a good decision as I had the use of quality equipment plus Alison’s sole attention getting to know my problems and working with me. Thank you so much Alison, it is really helping my aged muscles you really are a good instructor.