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Alison Plant Fully Qualified Pilates Instructor in Leeds

Hello there.  I’m Alison and the business is my (other) baby really and with me, the other girls teach classes and studio sessions.

I have been teaching Pilates for over 19 years now and I’m still on a journey really – of finding out more about Pilates, watching it evolve and incorporating the latest thinking into my teaching.    I’m also finding out more about my body – what it can do, what it apparently can’t do and how I might be able to change that!    I have been teaching Matwork Pilates for the longest time but Reformer for 10 years or so too.

Over the years I have watched my work develop and I now find it relatively easy to define what my guiding light is, the purpose of my work:

To  get people moving, and moving better, no matter where we start from.    To achieve greater strength, alignment, stamina and connectedness in each body and everybody.  This last point could be from a mind/body perspective but also getting the body to work efficiently and well as an integrated connected whole.    I take a whole body perspective and like to work from the head/neck right through to the feet.  The breathing is vitally important too and increasingly I am teaching breathwork.  Firstly to improve our breathing efficiency and also to use it to help achieve something else: relaxation and a sense of calm – a whole other world of possibility from a Pilates session.

I want to say loud and clear that Pilates is for everyone.  Or rather, ideally Pilates is for everyone.    I have done my best to keep the costs down of the community classes.  I appreciate that the studio sessions are too expensive for some people, however modestly priced they are.   I do not want anyone to feel excluded or to be excluded on the basis of their size or fitness level.   As a business owner, teacher and fellow human being, I do try to be mindful and alert for  discrimination or, more likely,  unconscious bias in my behaviour towards people of differing ethnicity, gender, age or sexuality.  Within my world : the fitness industry, it is particularly important to also consider size, fitness level  and disability.   If you are overweight and, or unused to exercise,  you are welcome in my classes.

The wider fitness industry and Pilates within it, simply does not serve people with disabilities terribly well.    I am mindful of this and have spent time developing and teaching Chair Based Pilates to try and redress this balance a little.

I have done masses of  Continuing Professional Development over the years.  Courses include  Pilates for Bone Health, Foot Anatomy & Corrective Exercise, Breathing Mechanics. Pre Natal Pilates, Psoas Core Connection, quite a few on Fascial Release techniques and a very involved specialist qualification on Pilates for Multiple Sclerosis

Most recently I have done multiple qualifications and further study to help people with pelvic floor problems. I really am passionate about this:  to spread the word regarding identifying what is actually going on “down there” in our own bodies,  and to teach the best exercises or behaviour modifications to help issues with Incontinence, Urgency or pelvic pain.

I have a few other strings to my Exercise Instructor bow – I taught for years,  Aerobics, Aqua Aerobics, Circuit Training, Chair Based Exercise and I’m a Gym Instructor and did GP Referral work.   The Covid pandemic finished all of that and I ended up pretty much specialising in Pilates.  However I  do make use of all my Strength Training knowledge when teaching.   I do teach some Chair Based classes and sessions for Third Sector organisations.    Most recently I have done some work with the Leeds Long Covid Support Group.

I came to exercise relatively late – only setting foot in a gym when I was 31.    I have a Science background and trained and worked as a Nurse before doing a long stint in Office Admin.   My nursing background is invaluable, in understanding all the various medical conditions that crop up.    It also equips me with the confidence to work with people who might have multiple diagnoses which might impact how they do Pilates.

I have two kids with one at school and one at Uni,  the odd hobby like a gardening and playing the piano

And my exercise regime? Well I am a bit of an exercise zealot and really try to keep on track with my regime. I do a short morning walk 3 times per week and aim to run once per week (that one is hard…)  I try to cycle as much as possible including to my 3 community venues.  I go to the gym once per week and do Iyengar and Hatha yoga weekly on Zoom.  For Pilates, I self practice using classes from an absolutely first rate streaming service.  I aim for two 45 minute sessions per week.

Selected Qualifications

  • Pelvic floor Pilates
  • Alison Plant Biomechanics Coach
  • Polestar Pilates Leeds


Kati Pilates Instructor Leeds

I’m Kati and I have been teaching Pilates for over 10 years now. I am an experienced Instructor who teaches classes, one to one tuition and Specialist pre and postnatal Pilates. I teach all ages and abilities from beginners right up to advanced participants.

I have taught a range of clients from people wanting to improve their core flexibility and strength, through to those needing a more rehab based approach when recovering from injuries or post surgery.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey to becoming stronger, leaner and pain-free !


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Charlotte - Pilates Instructor Leeds

Hi, I’m Charlotte. My family have lived in Leeds since I was young. I love walking and cycling around The Dales, listening to music and drinking a bit too much coffee.

So now for the serious stuff: I was introduced to Pilates through rehabilitating from my own spinal injury. This process of slowly re-building strength has informed my holistic approach to movement and exercise as a means to improve confidence.

I am fully qualified to teach Pilates Matwork, and in Personal Training and am currently working towards being an Exercise Referral Practitioner. With this grounding I have experience with a variety of clients of mixed ages and abilities.

Whether working 1-to-1 or within a group setting, I aim to create a welcoming environment with a focus on education that will help you understand your body and develop strength & mobility for a better quality of life.

My latest epic Pilates venture is doing the Pilates Studio Equipment training with Polestar Pilates.  The training will equip me to teach on the Reformer, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector and also three further pieces: the Cadillac, Trapeze Table and Ladder Barrel.    I am have almost completed the training and am currently teaching Reformer as a Student Teacher


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Zoe Parker

What is the easiest way you can move freely? Well, this lies in having a strong foundation. My approach is to focus on improving mobility, core control and body awareness. The aim is to get you moving better in your day-to-day life and in any specific sport or movement function like dance, singing, or even gardening

I am a bodywork practitioner and am trained in Pilates, Yoga, Coaching and various advanced therapeutic massage techniques. My movement experience spans thirty years, beginning with professional dance training and subsequent career. That started in 1993. I then trained in a range of bodywork therapies (Thai massage 2006-2012, Reiki 2009-2014, Reflexology 2001, Tok Sen 2017). I became a Yoga teacher in 2001 and I qualified as a Pilates instructor in 2012. I have been teaching Pilates continuously since then.

Within Pilates, my specialism is with the use of small equipment and my area of interest is rehabilitative/ restorative movement.

Zoe has a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the body and is able to apply this knowledge with ease and simplicity. Just brilliant!

We are insured through Balens.

  • The one-to-one sessions have helped me to understand the mechanics behind my movement, so that I am more aware of my posture and able to correct it. Alison quickly identified my problem areas and has taken me through exercises which cater for my specific needs and lifestyle. I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in my walking and cycling. My back and my core are more stable.

    I feel fitter, healthier and more confident physically. Worth every penny.

    Sarah Hinman

  • I am so glad I found out about Alison’s classes. After the first few group classes, I needed to know more and treated myself to a course of the one to one sessions.

    It was a good decision as I had the use of quality equipment plus Alison’s sole attention getting to know my problems and working with me. Thank you so much Alison, it is really helping my aged muscles you really are a good instructor.