Sitting Pretty: Is It Really Best Avoided? 

Sitting, Smoking, Sandwiches. Is nothing safe anymore? Now sitting is a permanent fixture in the roll call of health health related no-nos,  followed,  more recently, by +   eating too many Carbs +   too much time spent on social media +  not getting enough sleep It’s enough to make you reach for a Marlboro, for which, […]

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IBS and Me. I can’t banish the bloat so how do I banish the blues?

Mindful Quote: Feelings are just visitors

I have quite severe IBS, that is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Mostly I can controls the symptoms, although I’m left with permanent, chronic bloating.  On days when I’m worse, it’s harder to ignore – with the discomfort and pain and diarrhoea, however there aren’t too many of them and they occur when I’ve eaten the wrong food, or too much of the “right” food. But I’m lucky – I don’t have too many of those kinds of days, just lots of lots of frustration at not looking like I want to, and of eating endless boiled eggs, and no Pizza! There is one thing that I can do though – and that is to try and manage my response to the situation – it is all I have left. This is where Mindfulness comes in

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Vegetable Soup – Healthy, wholesome, hearty!

Sweets, biscuits, cake…..It’s January –  Who needs ’em! We need warming, delicious, real food. I really do think that making vegetable soup can kick start or revive the healthy eating habit.  These  soups are reassuringly easy to make, they taste great and the ingredients are easy to come by and affordable. There are loads of […]

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