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Pilates Classes in Leeds

Welcome to the website of Alison Plant Pilates. We're based in Leeds but offer professional online Pilates classes wherever you may be.

What is Pilates?

If you'd like some background on Pilates and my take on it all, checkout our Pilates history page. In summary, Pilates is designed to improve physical strength and stamina. It works to develop flexibility, joint mobility, and improve posture. It can aid recovery from injury and help you to reduce aches and pains. Please do come and give it a try, see the benefits yourself and have a positive movement experience.

Online Pilates classes

These are the classes available at present, all done using Zoom, which works surprisingly well. It's not quite as good as a face to face class but still, well worth it for maintaining and improving your fitness. Choose your class below and book in!

My classes are small, with a maximum of 18 people. This way I can observe you all, verbally correct, and change things up and down if needs be. I have been teaching for a long time now, and this experience enables me to teach with clarity and effectiveness, even from a distance.

For your virtual class you will need:

  • a device that can support Zoom.
  • a mat (or blanket)
  • a yoga brick (or non treasured book) for support
  • a head pad (or pillow/cushion)
  • a chair
  • small equipment: squishy ball, spiky balls for self massage, therabands. Please contact me for supplier details or to purchase direct from me. If you don't have this stuff yet, please don't worry. Do your first class without it if needs be.

Please do contact me if you would like to ask some questions.

Table of Live, Online Classes

The cost of each class is £5.50.

Book your class

IMPORTANT: If this is the first time you have done Pilates with us, please can you fill out a very short Health Questionnaire before you attend class. (It only takes 2 mins). It is necessary for your safety, our planning and for our Insurance purposes.


Other classes

These classes are temporarily suspended due to the pandemic but we will be back, better than ever, as soon as we can.

Choosing your class

Do you want to see rapid improvements in your strength and the quality of your movement? Would you like a targeted personal programme designed specifically for you?
Why not consider booking a set of 1:1 sessions and let us help you achieve your goals.
Do you want a matwork Pilates class in a convenient location near to home?
We offer Beginners, Improvers and Intermediate evening classes in East and North Leeds.
Have you done Pilates before and not been confident with it, or simply not quite “got it”?
It might help to book a couple of 1:1 sessions before making the transition to an open matwork class.
Maybe you are unused to exercise and want a fairly gentle class? Maybe you are a bit anxious about having to get up and down from the floor or you have an injury or other issue that limits you a little.
Our daytime classes are gentler than the more mainstream evening classes. They are aimed at the Over 60s although we don’t mind how old you are! Loads of people have issues and injuries so you’ll be amongst friends.
Have you been diagnosed with sciatica, disc injury? Or maybe you have undiagnosed back pain that affects what you do and how you feel.
We run specialised Back Care Courses with just three participants with a careful, rehab based approach that might suit you.
Do you want to do Pilates using the studio based equipment and machines?
We have the Reformer, Wunda Chair and Spine Corrector alongside matwork exercises in our 1:1 sessions
Has your Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, GP or Osteopath suggested that you should do regular Pilates?
You may like to consider our specialist Back Care Courses for a gentle, focused approach. Alternatively it may be helpful to have 1:1 tuition.

Overview Map of Class Locations