Chair Based Pilates

With conventional Pilates, being able to get down on to the floor can be a major limitation to accessing a Pilates class.

You might be part of a group that meets in a room where all the activities are chair based or standing and a mat class is not practical.

We would never want to be in a situation where people cannot do exercise and experience all of its benefits, just because they cannot get onto the floor. We all need to move more – and move differently – and move better!

The answer to some of these issues is of course Chair Based Pilates. I teach Chair Based Pilates, sometimes blended with a hint of Chair Based Exercise, a format that I taught every week for years, until the start of the first Covid pandemic.

How might I benefit from Chair Based Pilates?

Well, you will:

  • have the opportunity to get stiff achy joints working a bit more freely – in the hands, feet, shoulders for instance
  • get your spine moving a bit more
  • have the chance to gently work on some strength work for your legs and arms
  • if it is possible, work chair assisted and standing to improve leg/bottom strength and balance
  • work on improving the stamina and function of the pelvic floor, in other words address issues around incontinence
  • work on posture and body alignment

This may all seem a bit new and different.   If you have any questions about the Chair Based Pilates you can get in touch.  If you click here it takes you to a page where you can send me an email or get my phone number.

Ongoing Chair Based Pilates class

I teach every Wednesday afternoon at the Roost, which is the volunteer led community space within Oakwood Lane Medical Practice, Fearnville, North Leeds.  If you would like to join then please get in touch here and I’ll put you in touch with the Ann who oversees the class.

Are you part a group of Older Adults that might like to do Chair Based Pilates?

I can deliver sessions in Retirement Apartments and Sheltered Housing, and for Day Centres/Lunch Clubs. If you work in a setting like this or you and a group of friends are interested, please do get in touch. You can phone or contact me via email.

Here is a YouTube clip from my channel with a Chair Based sequence for the fingers, hands and wrists 

Here is a YouTube clip from my channel with a Chair Based sequence for the shoulders and arms 

Read my blog post, published in 2015 about Chair Based Pilates called Chair Based Exercise – There’s More to it than Meets the Floor.

This year I returned to the same subject Chair Based Pilates; How? Why? Is It Really Pilates?

Chair based pilates group in a community centre
This is me teaching a Community Group in Leeds in Spring 2022