Women Only

(We do not allow photography at the Women Only class. The photo above is actually a Beginners class at the Treetops Community Centre and the one at the bottom of the page is a Beginners class at Meanwood.)

For various reasons some of you may wish to work in a women only class. This class takes place at a small community centre with just the one main room. We generally work with the curtains open and the shutters up simply to let in natural light. However, there are playing fields beside the venue which are sometimes in use and if needs be we can close the curtains or, for that matter, have them closed all the time.

In common with our other Beginners classes, this one is aimed at women who are complete novices, or who are returning to Pilates after time away, or who may simply want a gentler class. Some ladies want to stick with Women Only Class.

Our classes are on going which gives you the flexibility to start whenever you want, not just at the beginning of term. This does mean that you’ll be joining a class that’s in full swing. Please don’t be put off by that though. Everyone else has had to make a start as well.

Please do feel free to ask for clarification of an exercise, or an alternative. We are always on hand with alternative exercises and modifications but you might have to nudge us.

We provide mats, yoga bricks and exercise bands.

Time & Places

For maps, parking info and bus routes for all our venues, please see our Locations page.

Booking Classes

Our group classes are now bookable online (apart from Over 60s). If you've not booked online with us before, please read our step-by-step guide.

If you would like to pay for a single class, the cost is £9. To purchase this go straight to Book your class below.

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Alternatively, you can buy a Five session class pass for £40 (£8 per class), which can be used for classes at Meanwood, Moortown, Crossgates or City Centre.

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Your first Five session class pass is on special offer at just £20 (£4 per class)

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How to Book Your Class

If you have bought a Class Pass, you can book one class at a time or all 5 at once or anything in between, whatever suits you best. Our online system allows you to cancel and re book your sessions up to and including the day before. You can use the link in the email we send you to do this, but if you are attending regularly we advise you to set up a User Name and Password.

For full details on how to buy your class pass and book a session please read our instructions.

IMPORTANT: If this is the first time you have done Pilates with us, please can you fill out a very short Health Questionnaire before you attend class. (It only takes 2 mins). It is necessary for your safety, our planning and for our Insurance purposes.


If you would like to ask a question about the classes or about our booking process, please contact us.