Virtual Pilates

If you haven’t already tried a Virtual Pilates class, why not give it a go now? They are surprisingly effective, and whilst not quite the same has having your teacher correct you with hands on, it is the next best thing.

My classes are small, with a maximum of 18 people. This way I can observe you all, verbally correct, and change things up and down if needs be. I have been teaching for a long time now, and this experience enables me to teach with clarity and effectiveness, even from a distance.

For your virtual class you will need:

  • a device that can support Zoom. The most modern smart phones will even work, provided they have a wide angle lens function
  • a mat (or blanket)
  • a yoga brick (or non treasured book) for support
  • a head pad (or pillow/cushion)
  • a chair

Please do contact me if you would like to ask some questions.

Table of Live, Online Classes

The cost of each class is £5.50.

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IMPORTANT: If this is the first time you have done Pilates with us, please can you fill out a very short Health Questionnaire before you attend class. (It only takes 2 mins). It is necessary for your safety, our planning and for our Insurance purposes.


Virtual Classes in your own time

You can now pay to view the classes whenever you want. Each class is recorded (just the instructor), stored in the cloud and can be viewed unlimited times within the calendar week. The cost is £7.50.

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