Pilates at Home

Would you like us to come to you for your Pilates session?

This might be just the thing for you if you feel more comfortable on home ground.

Do you have mobility problems which mean that negotiating with driving, parking or managing the steps into the Pilates Leeds studio in LS8 is too awkward?

Maybe you are caring for someone else and need to be at home, but would still like a really good Pilates workout.

Maybe you can’t drive or find a convenient bus route to reach us.

We can bring with us mats and portable kit such as the big gym balls, dumb bells, exercise bands, Pilates soft balls, foam rollers, spiky massage balls, and more. Believe me, there is the basis of a very good workout with just that lot!

The price per session depends upon the travelling time from the LS8 studio to your home and is around £45 per hour, payable by cash, cheque or Bank transfer.

If you have a chronic health condition which mean that you get tired very easily then we can deliver a 45 minute session instead, with a pro-rata price.

Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss this option further.