Instructions for the Online Booking System

1. Buy your Class Pass

You purchase the online/virtual 5 session Pre Pay card via  the bookings page or via the relevant pages on the website:

  • Beginners & Improvers &  Intermediate Pilates
  • Women Only Pilates & Men Only Pilates
  • City Centre Pilates

Currently the booking system does not support the Studio sessions: Back Care Pilates, 1:1 and 2:1 sessions, nor Over 60s Pilates.
Click the blue /green button “Buy 5 session class pass”
If you are new to PilatesLeeds you can use “Buy Special offer 5 Session class pass”
If you prefer to Pay&Go just one class, then use “Book your Class”
You can do this with a debit or credit card or via a PayPal account.
When you complete the purchase the system shows an order receipt (also sent to you by email).

2. Book Your Class

Next, from the order receipt on screen, click the blue/green button in the top right of the screen : “Schedule”
That will list all the available dates for your class.  Click the date you wish to book.  The system fills in your details and you click another blue/green button “Complete Appointment”
You will get another on screen confirmation ( and an email.)
You need to do this with each separate class.
The reason for doing each separately is so that each class can be cancelled or re-scheduled separately.
The confirmation of the class has “cancel “  and ” reschedule”  in blue /green and also “Schedule another appointment”  in white

3. Change Your Class

If you make a mistake straight away you can cancel straight away using the on screen confirmation screen
More likely it will be a few days later on and so,  go to the emails.
Each email confirmation has a “Change/Cancel appointment” button (blue/green)
Please note that you cannot do this on the day of the class.

4. Register for an Account

Each time you book a class and receive a confirmation you will see on screen and on the email a white box: “Register for an Account”
For some pages there is a “Register for an Account”  at the top left
If you set up a user name and password you can log directly into the system.
 It is easy to get confused between what you see in an email (call that “your end”) and what you see within the system (call that “our end”)
With that in mind, please note that you cannot log in directly from the email.  Instead, Register for an account from any booking confirmation then  you can log in from the booking page of the website
If you log in then the system remembers what you have bought and how many sessions you have still got left. In the long run, logging in is easier – even if you get forget what you have booked etc, it won’t!