Our Pilates Improvers class is aimed at people have done, at the very least, 10-15 sessions at Beginners Level.

Our classes are on going which gives you the flexibility to start whenever you want, not just at the beginning of term. This does mean that you’ll be joining a class that’s in full swing. Please don’t be put off by that though. Everyone else has had to make a start as well and of course you have the basics under your belt.

In class, please do feel free to ask for clarification of an exercise, or an alternative. We are always on hand with alternative exercises and modifications but you might have to nudge us.

Virtual Pilates

Booking Classes

Our group classes are now bookable online.

If you would like to book a Zoom class, the cost is £5.50. If you would like to book a Live class (re starting on May 17th) the cost is £9 if you pay and go, and £8 if you buy a block of 5 at £40.

When you book a Zoom class, you will receive an email confirmation containing an invitation to the class. Click the link in the email to join the class.

Book your single class

Buy Block of 5 sessions for £40

Virtual Classes in your own time

You can now pay to view the classes whenever you want. Each class is recorded (just the instructor), stored in the cloud and can be viewed unlimited times within the calendar week. The cost is £7.50.

Purchase your Recording

IMPORTANT: If this is the first time you have done Pilates with us, please can you fill out a very short Health Questionnaire before you attend class. (It only takes 2 mins). It is necessary for your safety, our planning and for our Insurance purposes.


If you would like to ask a question about the classes or about our booking process, please contact us.

Face to Face Classes

Face to Face classes at Crossgates, Meanwood and Wigton Moor will return once the pandemic restrictions are lifted.