Daytime Pilates

We have 3 daytime classes for you to choose from. They are all for Mixed Abilities so expect a blend of gentle and easy alongside more complex strength based moves.

Saturday at 4 pm is Face to Face and Out of Doors!!     

This is a summer special and everybody is welcome for an hour of movement on the grass. We’ll work standing and lying down and to be honest, not take ourselves to seriously…….  Playful Pilates perhaps! The sessions are at Treetops Community Centre playing fields where there is plenty of space and car parking. Click here for a map. Please try to bring your own mat and cushions for your knees and/or your head. I do have mats that have not been used since March if you cannot get one in time

Tuesday at 1.15 pm

This session aims to fit  a lovely Pilates session into your lunch break. This class is Virtual, Mixed Ability Class

Simply click the orange “Book classes” button to pay and reserve your space

Friday at 9.30 am: Pilates for the Over 60s

This Virtual class much gentler than the others that we offer. More details on the Over-60s page.

Booking Classes

Our group classes are now bookable and provided online.

I'm afraid that our class passes are not available for online classes.

If you would like to book an online class or outdoor class, the cost is £5. To purchase this go straight to Book your class below.

When you book, you will receive an email confirmation containing an invitation to the class. Click the link to join the class. The virtual platform that we use is Zoom.

Book your class

How to Book Your Class

Our online system allows you to cancel and re book your sessions up to and including the day before. You can use the link in the email we send you to do this, but if you are attending regularly we advise you to set up a User Name and Password.

You can log in directly to the system using the button below, once you have registered for an account. You can do this at the same time as booking your first ever class (or any class).

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IMPORTANT: If this is the first time you have done Pilates with us, please can you fill out a very short Health Questionnaire before you attend class. (It only takes 2 mins). It is necessary for your safety, our planning and for our Insurance purposes.