Covid Proofing for the LS8 Studio

Covid-19 Hygiene Procedures for the LS8 Studio

The home studio is sufficiently big to allow well over a 1 metre distance between you and your Teacher.

I do not have a waiting area in my home studio.  However, I will ensure sufficient time in between clients to allow for you to leave undisturbed and for me to clean the surfaces before you arrive:

  • Mats & Yoga Bricks
  • Reformer and other Studio Equipment
  • Door handles
  • Bathroom furniture

Pilates Mats

You may wish to bring your own mat.

You can purchase a mat and head pads from the studio if you wish.  Alternatively, bring a clean towel to place on top of the head pads.

Hand Washing & Clothing

Hand sanitiser will be available if you wish to use it.

Both you and your tutor must wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, using a clean (each time) towel before starting the session.

Your tutor will wear a clean apron and mask for each client. Regular hand washing means that gloves are not necessary.

PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN MASK WITH YOU, however I will have some spare disposable ones available to use.

No other family members use the studio. It is not used for anything else apart from when I teach my Virtual sessions.

Use of Small Equipment

On balance it is probably simpler to omit, for the time being, the following:

  • Dynabands
  • Pilates Soft Balls
  • Spiky massage balls

However, you can purchase these in the Studio for personal use.

Reformer Leg/Hand Straps

It is simply not practical to clean these in between sessions which occur on the same day. You will, instead,  be offered disposable gloves.

I will wash the straps at the end of  each day, along with the masks and aprons at 40 degrees with a bleach based laundry liquid.

Look it really is me…! Although in class, NO phone and definitely NO watch.