Covid Proofing for Live Matwork Classes

Hygiene Policy for PilatesLeeds Live Classes

From now on the classes will be 55 minutes with a 10 minute break in between classes. The reason is to allow the air to settle in between groups allow the tutor time for cleaning. As you wait for class, please abide by social distancing as you queue.

At Pendas Way Community Centre and Wigton Moor Church you will arrive through the main door and leave via another one.

At Treetops Community Centre you will arrive via the main door and leave via the Fire Escape

Please bring your own mat and cushion for your head.  Alternatively we sell head pads and yoga bricks and can bring them to class for you. Click here for more details

We will provide no small equipment, for example, Dynabands. Your Teacher will discuss whether as a group, you would all like to purchase bands, and/or small balls, and/or spikey massage balls etc.  Initially however, the classes will be equipment free.

Just as if you are entering a shop, please arrive wearing a mask. Once you are lain down on the floor you can remove it and then pop them back on again at the end of class.

There will be a gap of 2 metres by 2 metres between each mat and your tutor will mark out the spaces available in the room

There will be no hands-on correction. Verbal instructions only from your Teacher

Hand sanitiser will be provided for you to use before and after class, if you wish

The people in charge of these venues are unable to clean the toilets after each group has used the building. It is simply not feasible. If you think you might need to use the toilet, come prepared with some baby wipes or your own sanitiser.    Your Tutor will also be sanitising any door handles, flush handles, taps, hand driers etc in between classes.

I (Alison Plant) am 53 and so qualify and have had 2 vaccines









Risk Assessment: Pilates Classes run by AlisonPlantPilates

Venues: Wigton Moor Church (WMC) , LS17 & Pendas Way Community Centre (PWCC), LS15  & Treetops Community Centre, LS17 (TTCC) 

  • Entrance / Exit separate in each venue
  • Use of venues by other groups: PWCC and TTCC can only be used by one group at a time because there is only one room. WMC has another community room with a separate entrance, exit and separate toilets. Only the car park is shared.
  • Timings between classes . 10 minute gap if there are 2 classes back to back
  • Air Flow. Both  WMC and contain fire doors directly onto the rooms. Fire Door at Pendas Way is faulty though.   Needs flagging up again.  However, PWCC has 2 windows that can be opened.  TTCC has loads of excellent windows, more than is needed for good ventilation

There is also an issue regarding the rooms being too cold in winter but as of May 2021 this is not a problem

  • Equipment: own mats, head cushions etc. Nothing shared at all

We have soft balls, bands, spiky massage balls, yoga bricks and mats to sell.   We have a few clean mats at each venue if someone turns up without one.

  • Social Distancing. Pendas CC is marked out.  At WMC this needs doing for each evening.  I have now created a 2m square brown paper template to make this easier
  • Class sizes: Fine, safe and clear at Pendas CC with 12. WMC 10 at present.
  • Pending at TTCC: venue is due to reopen on 21st June. I need to visit with my 2m by 2m template to assess for the correct number of people allowed in with the full amount of space per person.
  • No hands on correction. None; Tutor needs to stay away out of the 2m “safe” zone
  • Masks: before and after class, not during
  • Track and Trace System: automatic via the online booking system
  • Body temperature check before class? The system uses a skin surface thermometer.  I am unhappy about it because it feels invasive.  Some participants are very keen though. I canvassed opinion and on balance have decided not to go ahead with this
  • Socialising before and after class: This is beyond the remit of AlisonPlantPilates, both physically and morally. This is up to individuals what they chose to do.  However I will encourage people at WMC and PWCC to wait outside the building before class.  At TTCC the waiting area is the big carpark itself.
  • Evidence of Covid Symptoms: this is extremely tricky. On balance I will trust people to explain to me if they have Hay Fever, for example, as opposed to a Cold.  I have been teaching live 1:1 since April 12th, and groups since May 17th and people are either self isolating or explaining that they have Hay Fever.  If someone has a fever then they will be refused entry.