Chair Based Exercise

Janet and I have been teaching Chair Based Exercise for 12 years and we are really passionate about it.

Just because you aren’t too steady on your feet, let alone happy to run or jump, doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise and it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t exercise.

We all need to move more – and move differently – and move better!

Chair Based Exercise is one solution. See our list of current classes.

How might I benefit from Chair Based Exercise?

group of people doing chair based exercise

Well, you will:

  • have the opportunity to get stiff achy joints working a bit more freely – in the hands, feet, shoulders for instance
  • get your whole body moving in time to the music
  • get your spine moving a bit more freely
  • have the chance to gently work on some strength work for your legs and arms
  • challenge your brain to lean new patterns of movement, a bit of choreography
  • work on improving the stamina and function of the pelvic floor

And if that’s not enough, simply spend an hour or so socialising, listening to music of yest-a-year

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Do you have a group of Older Adults that might like to do Chair Based Exercise?

Janet and I can both deliver sessions in Retirement Flats, Sheltered Housing, Care Homes and for Day Centres/Lunch Clubs. If you work in a setting like this or you and a group of friends are interested, please do get in touch.

Chair Based PilatesChair Based Pilates Classes in Leeds

For too long, the benefits of Pilates have only been available to people who could access and use the studio equipment like the Reformer, or who could get down and work on a mat. However, we can begin to address this by teaching Pilates in the chair.

Alison can teach Chair Based Pilates, blended with a little mainstream chair based strength training and movement to music. (We aim to include Glen, a hint of rat pack, Dusty or Elvis. All requests considered!).

Read my blog post about Chair Based Pilates called Chair Based Exercise – There’s More to it than Meets the Floor.

If you are interested in Chair Based Pilates for a group that you work with, please do get in touch.

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Current Classes

  • North Leeds Medical Practice, Leeds 17

    North Leeds Medical Practice
    355 Harrogate Road
    Leeds LS17 6PZ

    The Chair based exercise is part of the Caring Hands Support Group
    It is every Monday from 2.30 – 3.30pm

    Phone 0775 166 2158 for more details.