Sitting Pretty: Is It Really Best Avoided? 

Sitting, Smoking, Sandwiches. Is nothing safe anymore? Now sitting is a permanent fixture in the roll call of health health related no-nos,  followed,  more recently, by +   eating too many Carbs +   too much time spent on social media +  not getting enough sleep It’s enough to make you reach for a Marlboro, for which, […]

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The Piriformis Muscle: Trials, Tribulations and Treatments

The piriformis muscle and the sciatic nerve in the pelvis

I don’t suppose many of us have even heard of the Piriformis muscle. Even fewer of us know where it is or what it does…. but if you have problems with it you really know about it.

So I thought it would be useful for us all to get a little better acquainted with this tremendously important and tricky little muscle.

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The Deep Squat – Why we should do more of them!

The deep squat – one of the human body’s most primal movements. Traditionally, this was our sitting position until we routinely started to sit on chairs. We may have adapted psychologically to the comforts of chairs, sofas, toilets, cars , buses, even a chaise longue, but our bodies have not entirely followed suit

Our body benefits from regular deep squats.

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Exercise, movement and….. language?

cyclist with sunset background

We are subconsciously influenced by many things. So it follows that our exercise habits are all influenced by a myriad of factors: goals, stamina and fitness, exercise likes & dislikes, our knowledge – good, bad or indifferent, of correct technique; How much time we have, what others around us are doing. Of course, there is also likely to be some unconscious sabotage type stuff going on as well.

But what if there is another factor in play? The influence of language: the words and phrases we use to talk about our exercise behaviour, strategies and goals.

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