Vegetable Soup – Healthy, wholesome, hearty!

Sweets, biscuits, cake…..It’s January –  Who needs ’em! We need warming, delicious, real food. I really do think that making vegetable soup can kick start or revive the healthy eating habit.  These  soups are reassuringly easy to make, they taste great and the ingredients are easy to come by and affordable. There are loads of […]

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Cognito ergo sum? Vel potius, o domine Cartesie, sentio ergo sum

Décartes famous maxim:  I think therefore i am  or  Cognito ergo sum because it was originally published in Latin, was both the ending and the beginning of a line of reasoning  and it has come to be seen as an end in itself.  This celebrated phase, perhaps the most famous philosophical utterance ever, has seeped into our collective consciousness. […]

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Pilates and Mindfulness

There seems to be something of a mindfulness craze sweeping the UK at the moment. It’s cropping up on the radio, in the print and online media and the NHS is considering rolling out Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction as a form of intervention for patients with mild to moderate depression or anxiety.  There are academic departments […]

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