Pilates Classes in Leeds

Welcome to the website of Alison Plant Pilates: bringing Pilates to North Leeds, East Leeds and beyond!

What is Pilates?

Alison Plant Pilates in Leeds

Put simply, Pilates is a system of exercises designed to improve physical strength, flexibility and posture, and enhance the mind-body connection. Why not come along and try out Pilates in Leeds? There are matwork classes, Reformer classes and Personal Tuition.

What is Pilates good for?

  • People with a variety of back problems find Pilates beneficial. If you have a back problem or injury and would like more information or advice, you are very welcome to contact me directly.
  • If your back is stiff, Pilates is good for getting it to move more freely. Conversely it can be helpful for people who are hypermobile in their joints to practice safer movement patterns.
  • Useful for encouraging good, functional movement patterns.
  • Muscle strength development in the shoulders / arms / legs / buttocks / abdominal muscles.
  • It is comparatively gentle and suits people who are in a rehab stage following surgery, injury or post illness.
  • The careful movements can generally help with aches and pains: shoulder stiffness, knees/hips/neck etc.
  • A focus on breathing is good for everybody, all of the time!
  • Helps to promote body awareness.
  • It is one way of relaxing and giving you time to “be” in your body and not “be” in your mind.

But it won’t:

Pilates in Leeds with Alison Plant Matwork classes
  • Burn loads of calories and make you hot and sweaty. You need a cardio class for that!
  • Give you a flat stomach. Sorry guys… The goal of the flat stomach, which is of course to be found somewhere near the end of the rainbow, has to be largely diet related. However, what Pilates definitely will do is teach you how to work your abs properly and effectively

I have been going to Alison’s Pilates classes for over 10 years. During this time she has been consistently meticulous in her attention to detail, ensuring that newcomers and old timers all get supported to get the most out of the class. She is very entertainingly expressive and does a great job of enabling us to understand what can sometimes seem to be very unfamiliar postures! Anne Downs

Why is it called Pilates?

Pilates is named after its originator and inventor, Joseph Pilates.

About Me

I qualified as a Pilates Instructor ten years ago. I enjoy teaching cardio classes, body conditioning and chair based exercise, but my real passion is for Pilates. The last decade has been one of steady development of my teaching skills, experience and knowledge which has got me to the point where I can offer high quality Pilates classes. I’ve written an article about my Pilates journey, how I got started and my experiences along the way.

I have loved coming to Pilates with Alison, every session is tailored to me and my needs with great support and expert knowledge. I have learnt about muscles that I never even thought I had and enjoyed the whole process. Hannah Russell